Hayrick Butte

Salem, Oregon
Possibly the most bold design yet in Holiday Ranch Estates, Alway Homes has brought together new details and ideas for a truly unique experience. The first thing to strike visitors is the pronounced timbers out front and free flowing railing design. While this is a one-story house, a fake dormer has been added to create visual balance – the type of addition that most people would never realize and most builders wouldn’t think to do. While the dormer may be fake, all the stonework is the real deal and up close the difference is obvious. Both front and back, this house provides covered patio areas for protection from typical Northwest weather.
To accentuate the roof-line, Alway Homes uses two different color roof materials with a darker, two foot wide band running the perimeter of the house starting from the gutter line. The last few details to catch the eye from the exterior include upscale stamped concrete, a rounded chimney, and a custom front door with machined details.
Take a close look and what you WON’T find are any unsightly metal colored vents. That’s because we design our ventilation system to route through the attic space and minimize the number of vents we need to have sitting on the roof. We then color match them to the shingles and put them in out-of-sight places. It is this kind of detailed planning that subtly separates an Alway home from the rest.
Hayrick Butte

1,805 ft2

3 bed / 2.5 bath

Custom Tile


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