Villa Tranquille entry courtyard 1
Mountain River Estate Home, Bend
Pronghorn Estate in Bend, Oregon. Built by Jess Alway.
A stucco dormer with details!

Stucco is the King of exterior finishes.

Lap is traditional. Board and bat is retro, brick may be stately, but stucco? It has a personality. Stucco has been used as a sculptural material throughout time. The ability to architecturally mould it means that we can create many variant styles with one material!

Old World? Yes. European Aristocrat? Of course. Modern Bauhaus? No problem.

Stucco is also extremely durable and weather resistant. With a color coat on top, no repainting is necessary. Imagine how many times you won’t have to call a painter to repaint the southern exposure of your home! And speaking of color — the possibilities are endless. This Oregon home builder can’t say enough about the King of exterior finishes.


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