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Copper Accents

Copper is a fascinating building material to use throughout a project, both inside and out.

Not only does it resist corrosion and bacteria, it is also a durable and sound material to build with — whether constructing roofing, flashing, gutters, downspouts, spires or the unique scaling siding seen on many Alway Homes.

Over time, copper displays a myriad of colors as it patinas. From ruddy golds to deep plums, chocolates, and lush greens, the copper accents on an Alway Home continue to create interest and depth while also serving its highest purposes.

Copper Scaling

Seen here are just a few of the exterior uses for copper — the downspouts and gutters on our Mountain River Estates homes caused quite a stir. They showcased how something as functional as a downspout could be featured as a piece of artwork when made with an artisan’s eye.

Copper roofing isn’t cheap. However, there isn’t anything more beautiful on top of your home. You can prevent the patina — or watch it change colors over time. Either way, people will be talking.

The copper scaling seen on the facades of some of our homes in Bend are all done by hand. Carefully cut out individually from sheets of metal, these scales are arranged and fixed by a local artist and craftswoman.


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