Marks of Quality

Stone · Copper · Stucco · 50-year Roof · Ironwork · Timeless Design

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Looking for an Alway Home? As a signature custom home builder for over 30-years in the Pacific Northwest, our award winning homes can be found throughout the greater Portland area, Salem, and most recently in Bend, Oregon, where our headquarters are now located.

Alway Homes are distinct. They have personalities. It may sound funny, but when a house receives so much personal attention, love and creativity — it can’t help but stand out from the crowd.

We take particular pride in our constructive Marks of Quality. Real Stone (not manufactured or cultured) adorns our exteriors and gives real life to masonry fireplaces. Hand-cut Copper components display both practical and artistic qualities. Use of Stucco and 50-year Roofing means that your home will last generations — not simply the life of your mortgage. And Alway Homes utilizes blacksmith forged Ironwork to draw in the details: handrails, gates, cabinet pulls and more.

One client calls their Jess Alway built home ‘whimsical’. Others use the terms ‘rustic’, ‘provincial’, and ‘northwest timber’. They are all entirely correct. A Jess Alway house is at its core your home. We strive to employ these close-held Marks of Quality in order to provide our clients with their own Timeless Design.

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