Custom Garage Doors

Custom Garage Door
Custom Garage Door


Have you ever considered custom garage doors? We’ll admit, we don’t get a lot of people initially clamoring for a custom design—but they tend to change their tune once they get a glimpse of how a custom garage door can alter the face of their home.



The typical garage door on any given home is metal and features some rectangles in relief. Not so, with an Alway Home.

Alway Homes treat a garage door with as much respect as any other element of the facade…because let’s face it—it’s not part of the facade! It’s likely the main entry point of the home. Front doors are the welcoming committee to the guest—but the garage door greets the homeowner on a regular basis; sometimes many times per day. We’d better like what we see.


There is particular strength when custom garage doors are done in a series of three or more. They add so much to the overall theme and appearance of the home.

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Multiples aren’t always the answer: here is a double-car custom garage door in clear cedar. For this sized some (2100 square feet) a single entry point gave largeness to the garage.

Custom built home by Jess Alway. Bend, Oregon.
Custom built home by Jess Alway. Bend, Oregon.

The point is, a garage door is not just a garage door. One of the best reasons to work with Alway Homes is the access to multiple design perspectives. Not only will your house sit on the lot in the best placement possible, but your curbside appeal will be impeccable.