Jess Alway is not afraid of color.



You shouldn’t be afraid of color either.

Your home does not have to be a blank palate for furniture and artwork. Your home can BE the artwork!

This hardwood hand painted blue door is 100% custom.

While some people might automatically believe that this kind of color is off-putting—it can be balanced in such a way as to blend into the home rather than be ‘outside’ of normal.

After all, we all wear bluejeans nearly every day. Do we think: “What matches blue?” Every time we get dressed? Nope. The bluejeans are the backdrop. The style.

Walk through a Jess Alway Home. Let the creativity and artistry thrill you. Your dream home is absolutely within your grasp!

Jess Alway 541-480-5050

Or, call Dave Faegans of Alpine Real Estate to look for land. 541-419-7914