<span>March 2017</span>

Coffee Bar Anyone?

In the past, we’ve seen many homeowners install permeant coffee/espresso machines in their kitchen or master suites. While that is an elegant solution to the daily caffeine requirement, may we offer..

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Rustic Modern

Jess Alway is known for his fanciful custom homes. Usually they are a balance of  French Country and Western Montana Lodge. But this home just completed was particularly fun to..

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Looking for Land in Central Oregon?

Jess Alway Inc builds custom homes on your land. If you are looking for a lot to build on anywhere in Central Oregon, please contact Dave Faegans at Alpine Real..

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Colorful Homes as Art

Jess Alway is not afraid of color.   You shouldn’t be afraid of color either. Your home does not have to be a blank palate for furniture and artwork. Your..

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Wood Carving

Is there no end to the creative artistry of Jess Alway? He does this stuff for fun, folks. After being inspired on Pinterest, Jess set out to create a Western-themed room..

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