Blending the old and new to create a seamless design can be a daunting task. This Rustic Industrial is a renovation, and a renovation is a LOT of work! You don’t get to start from scratch—you have a very specific product you are working from!

This home’s original iteration was pure 1960’s. The house wasn’t meant for Oregon. It should have existed in Palm Springs! The owners wanted to keep the wide open rooms, the big windows, and the one-level sprawl, while changing some of the elements that dated the home. Thus, we were taking out the shag carpets, putting in energy efficient windows, and replacing the mosaic tiles with Venetian plaster and hand-troweled walls.

The fixtures had to go, too. We decided to keep one for nostalgia in the entry. It is a very shiny crystal flush mount with ornate brass. But you know what? It totally works.

This fixture, in the Great Room, is the most impressive light in the house. It is five feet in diameter and took four men to lift up and hang. It is very dramatic. But, the sparse nature of the beast means it doesn’t overwhelm the room. You can see through it and around it and overall, it becomes art. It also embodies the Rustic Industrial motif we were going for.



Meanwhile, in the “Princess Palace” (or, the guest room) a far more fluffy fixture was chosen. This modern light by VIBE is (European of course) totally made of feathers. It seemed like an odd choice at first . . . but then after hearing all the comments, we realized it might just be the PERFECT choice. It is a major contrast to the more masculine front of the house and people couldn’t decide if it was a new fixture or an old one, repurposed.

Bottom line: If you like it, trust your gut. Alway Homes can make it work.