One of the best parts about working with new clients is exploring how to express their personalities through design.

It’s also fun when they come up with their own ideas!

Our latest house nearing completion is actually a renovation—but one that nearly  changed every single element of the existing 1960’s ranch.

And renovations, by far, are much harder than new construction. People don’t believe this. They often think changing a wall here and there is no big deal—but “little” things can balloon into big projects FAST. It’s what you DON’T know that makes all the difference!

The Rustic Industrial was one of those projects. A kitchen upgrade became almost an entire re-build—at the client’s behest of course! New windows, a new roof, new exterior stucco, concrete, insulation, and every interior finish . . . it’s absolutely like a game of dominos. But, if this is a forever home? It’s totally worth doing RIGHT.

The Rustic Industrial is almost done and we can’t wait for the big reveal.

In the meantime, let’s talk details again. Our clients had a specific vision. They wanted the blending of old and new — but in a very natural way. The kitchen was to be a very “clean” design—without going too modern or contemporary.

rustic industrial lightingHere’s a photo of the kitchen island lighting: two enormous (12-inch) Parisian cafe lights from Restoration Hardware. Notice the wood paneled ceiling. You get the idea right away: Rustic Industrial!

We also re-used a number of beams from the existing car port INSIDE the home. Bringing a little recycle, re-use, renovate to the project.

More to come from this great house.