pinehurst interior doors

Coming in? Going out? Have some fun with your custom home—design great doors.

Most people probably don’t think twice about a door. It is merely a functional tool to keep people out, or things in, or dogs away from the kitchen. But doors can also be beautiful, memorable and special parts of your custom home.

Think materials—physical design—color—hardware—the possibilities are endless.

cabinet doors close

Here is a door that’s been “glazed”. A dark stain has been overlaid and wiped off, leaving residue in the cuts.

front door 5

Every type of wood has a different grain pattern. You don’t have to do much to a door like this, where the grains of wood are outstanding and pop with just the right amount of polish.

back door inside

Get creative with materials other than wood. What about metal bands?

Tune in for more creative doors from Alway Homes next week.

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