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Outdoor living space is all the rage.  It’s not simply a ‘buzz term’ anymore, either. People are beginning to enjoy their patios year round. With the additions of a few key elements, your outdoor space can really shine. We’ve put together a list of things our you might consider when planning your outdoor space.

1. A real wood burning fireplace. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are used year round.  Warm up next to your wood burning fireplace all winter long!

2. Hardscape. Whether you choose concrete or pavers, make sure you have a level and stable surface to place furniture on. Consider the weather where you live. Will the temperatures crack your stamped concrete? Will the sun fade the wood decking?

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3. Covered space. You’ll want to enjoy your new outdoor living space as much as possible, so shelter from the wind and snow can be essential.

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4. Connect it to the home. We’ve had folks utilize Nano Walls — a great way to bring the outside in, and visa versa! Or, use a covered pathway, or a large overhanging eave. Whatever you do, connect your outside space to the home in a visually cohesive way.

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5. Privacy. Create intimate spaces with walls and sunken fire pits. Use natural landscaping to create vignettes and sheltered spaces.


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