_K6A1326-Office1Do you work at home? One of the many advantages to custom building is preparing your own workspace, custom fit to your career and house.

At Alway Homes, we help design home offices for the vast majority of our custom homes. As a more mobile workforce, even those with 9-5 jobs want the ability to work from home in a designated space. We can help you design these spaces to fit your life.

Tips and Tricks

1. Ask your preferred cabinet maker about building the office area. This will ensure that your office area matches your home perfectly, fit and finish.

2. Give yourself some natural light. No one likes to work in the dark! Try to align a window with a nice view or optimum light exposure.

3. Consider a separate entrance. Can your office be accessed via an exterior door? Would that be an advantage? Could you, or would you, like to host clients in your home office?

4. A coffee bar. Offices are round-the-clock. Consider putting in an espresso machine or making a wet-bar area for coffee/drinks that includes a sink.

5. Built-in file cabinets. Why use the dreaded metal boxes when you can build the exact amount you need out of the material you want?

6. Insulate all walls and use solid-core doors. An in-home office needs to serve you as you work.

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