powder mirrorMirror, Mirror on the Wall!

Every house needs a mirror. Many, in fact. You expect them in certain areas: powder baths, master bathrooms, and often times closets.

Mirrors, like lighting, can be a fun, personal addition to your home. Consider these ideas next time you are designing your bathroom spaces:

1. Choose a shape. Bathroom mirrors do NOT need to be rectangle to be functional. Sometimes a nice oval shape can bring a feminine touch into a masculine, or angular room.

2. Consider using more than one mirror in a double vanity bathroom. Are your sinksĀ separated by a space greater than three feet? If so, singular mirrors can add interest and cut costs to what would otherwise look like a large wall of reflection.

3. Small space? Consider a larger mirror. Don’t skimp on the size of your mirror in a small space. Mirrors always enlarge.

4. Use appropriate hanging devices and plan for your mirrors by backing the wall. The last thing you want is your beautiful mirror to pull out of drywall because it wasn’t secured properly!

5. Buy high quality glass. Fun-mirrors in bathroom settings can make your guests, and yourself, irritated. No one likes a distorted reflection. Buy up, rather than down.

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