If there is one thing you can count on when building an Alway custom home, it is that there will never ever be a repeat.

Your home is truly, absolutely unique.

From the floorboards to the ceiling, every square inch of an Alway home is YOURS, and yours alone.

Awbrey Glen Staircase KitchenWhen the Alway boys say that they love building houses, it is not hyperbole. The process itself is fun—and there are opportunities in every “corner” to make your house stand apart.

What about the ceilings? Besides soaring beamwork, there are other ways to make a ceiling special.

Pinehurst Great Room

In this beautiful country estate under construction, beams have been interlaced in a flat pattern. The beams rest on a crown moulding of travertine stone. This is a new take on the beam ceiling so popular in recent building.

pinehurst back hall 2

Here is another example of a flat ceiling paneled in wood and interspersed with reclaimed lumber. The finished ceiling rounds out the hallway, completing the space and bringing the ceiling height slightly lower for a more cozy feel.

pinehurst kitchen

How about a domed brick ceiling? Truly eye-catching, this brick reveal goes way passed ‘interesting’ and into the ‘outstanding’ category!

mortise and tenon
mortise and tenon

And of course, the ever-favorite of an Alway build: the mortise and tenon NW-style beamwork that feels equally comfortable in a French-revival, as it does in an Industrial PNW home.

Homes should be unique and tailor-made for your family.

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