postIt’s an Alway Homes house so we know there are highlights EVERYWHERE—special touches throughout this home that go far above and beyond most homebuilding standards.

Take this quick shot Jess sent me this morning. He was really just showing me the turned post at the bottom of the stairs—but what the photo actually captured included much, much more.

Take a look at the concrete tiles laid in the front entry—rustic, yet a classic this-will-look-good-forever design that runs right into the brick wall and travertine stone floor separating the kitchen from the entry foyer.

In fact, this is a perfect example of Alway style–the mix mastery of textures that keeps you interested in what is going on around the home, set beautifully within a color palette that lets you know it all belongs exactly as it was placed. There is no jarring transitions. Maybe that’s one of the things that Alway Homes does best: blends one room into the next with design and architecture alone. No furniture needed to seamlessly transition from foyer to kitchen, kitchen to great room, etc.

Pinehurst is truly a showpiece. I can’t wait for completion this Fall.