In Alway Home’s latest custom estate, Jess and Aaron have created some magical moments throughout the home. During framing, Jess walks through the home and marks where ‘highlights’ can be added—details that are not on the house plans. After forty years in the building industry, Jess knows exactly where to draw the eye. Arches and barrel vaults are framed in at this point in construction. Here you can see where the lines have been cut.IMG_20160124_114954902 IMG_20160124_115006372

Throughout this house you’ll find a LOT of reclaimed lumber. It adds so much character to the kitchen.IMG_20160124_115055972


Take a look at this double arch! IMG_20160124_115155645

Finally, hefty beams are used to beef-up the exterior.IMG_20160124_115241046 IMG_20160124_115248540And again, in the kitchen.

Can’t wait to show more of this beauty!!!