Tumalo FramingNew Project Alert! This custom estate in framing is going up outside of Tumalo, west of Bend, Oregon. And nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a new house!

Right away, you can see something extra special is in the works on this home. Actually, it’s an Alway thing. Alway Homes believes in spending money very wisely—and nothing trumps putting your investment into the bones of your home. This 4000 soft home is framed in full-sheet plywood—no exterior walls or roof is framed with compositional wood. Hand-cut roof. Functional beams.

FullSizeRenderIsn’t it kind of cool to see this kind of expertise in framing? It’s worth two or three pictures, really. No cookie cutter lines going on here!

FullSizeRender-9And, of course, we must acknowledge the clean job site. Another Alway Homes exclusive!

Besides putting money into the bones of your home, it’s always so important to have a professional care about the placement and orientation of the house for optimal views and light exposure.

The worst thing you can see as a builder is the house perched up on a pile of compacted dirt in the smack dab middle of a lot, facing due North. 🙂 Placing a house is (or should be) far more complicated than that.

If you are looking to build or remodel your dream home, call Jess or Aaron today. Alway Homes specializes in custom building. We are located in Bend, Oregon—loving every minute of our 365 day of sunshine!