<span>November 2015</span>

Happy Thanksgiving from Alway Homes.

Happy Thanksgiving from Alway Homes! We are so thankful for our friends, family, and homebuilding clients. Thank you for making this an awesome year! We are thankful for the Central..

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Stone Benches—Creative Homes

Looking for a new idea for a creative home? As an example of one of Alway Home’s interesting and arresting details—may we present: natural stone benches! Eventually, these hefty stones will be..

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What does a HAND-CUT roof look like?

In a world of manufactured EVERYTHING, the hand-cut roof can seem like a bit of a relic. And, may we say, an art form. Competent framing is a thing of..

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Custom Estate in Framing

New Project Alert! This custom estate in framing is going up outside of Tumalo, west of Bend, Oregon. And nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a new house! Right..

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