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How do you set one house apart from another? Railings, Kitchens and wood floors?

The difference doesn’t have to be a 20-person multi-media theater room. The difference doesn’t have to be an additional butler’s pantry and crafting room. The difference doesn’t have to have anything to do with square footage at all! The difference is how you treat the commonalities between homes.

For example, every two story home has stairs. Every stairway has a railing. Upgrading this somewhat “basic” item (a handrail!) to something extraordinary is what makes one home stand out from the rest.

This kind of extra-in-the-ordinary is what makes Alway Homes stand out from the rest of the custom home builders. Jess Alway Homes believes that everything tells a story in the house—even (or maybe, most specifically!) the handrails, the hardware and the doors.



There can be such beauty in simplicity. The home pictured above is not a multi-million dollar home. But it is custom. And it is special! This home demonstrates the core values of the owners: simplicity, quality, and subtle elegance. At first glance you might not see the diamond hand-hammered floor pegs, or the ceiling relief in the dining room, or how the handrail design echoes the lighting rail system in the great room. But what you might have “felt” is that it all works—flows—matters. The house is simple, yet warrants second and third glances.

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When you build a custom home, your core values should be represented in the finished product.

Talk to Jess and Aaron today. The process doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Taken one step at a time, building a custom house can be a fulfilling, soul-satisfying process.