awbrey glen peakNew projects are especially exciting when the vision begins to come together. The latest Alway Homes custom is going up in Awbrey Glen and drawing plenty of positive reviews!

The beamwork alone is worthy of awe. Check out these post beams:

awbrey postsThe home itself is a hybrid style closest to a Northwest Timber look. Plenty of big beams, ceiling details, and easy-living with multiple outdoor patios, front and back.

IMG_3555In the picture above, you can see a red spray paint line across the front of the house. This is the ‘rock’ line for the masons. It’s a fun sneak peak into the mind of Jess Alway and his creative house facades.

This house is a two-story home, but one designed with main-level living in mind. Two guest bedrooms are upstairs, both with peaked ceilings and great views.

Keep coming back for more on this Awbrey Glen jewel.