Stucco is that magic material that can work for just about any house. In the High Desert of Central Oregon, it’s an especially great material to work with. Hot summer and cold winters wreak havoc on traditional lap siding. But Stucco doesn’t need repainting! And stucco lasts for a very, very long time.

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One of the best things about stucco is the ability to apply it with custom color mixed IN. Any color! And you know, Alway Homes is going to take advantage of that offer 🙂

Jess is a man who loves color—and is not afraid to use it. His exteriors are vibrant and unforgettable.

front door

You might even say they’re FUN.

And why not? A house isn’t supposed to be Boring. Our clients aren’t boring people, so they’re houses can’t be boring, either.

exterior from street


From verdant greens to lemony yellows, stucco can transform a home from “just okay”, to AMAZING!

If you are planning on building a home, look into Stucco. In harsh climates, stucco’s latest technology and application makes it a go-to exterior material.