<span>May 2015</span>

Castle on the Hill, Part III

Welcome back to the Castle on the Hill, part III, of our series on this beautiful retreat in Bend, Oregon. The last post focused on the intricately detailed kitchen and..

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Castle on the Hill, Part II

Welcome back to the Castle on the Hill, one of our latest custom-built homes in Bend, Oregon. Last week we shared with you the impressive entry. Now, let’s dive deeper..

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A Castle on the Hill

Nothing feels as good as moving a fantastic client into their brand new house. Especially, when this client provides an abundance of creativity! The finished product is therefore, guaranteed, to..

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Man Cave

Because pictures are worth a thousand words…we present: Man Cave.

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Cascade Journal Article on Alway Homes

Did you happen to catch the Cascade Journal article on Alway Homes? If not, we have a digital copy for you, right here. CJHome15_AlwayHomes_spread The focus of the article is the..

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