Tour Kitchen

Make every space count in your house.

At Alway Homes, this is a basic tenant of construction. Every bit of square footage in the home should improve the homeowners quality of life. Form and function should work hand in hand.

Jess is a visionary when it comes to organizing a home for optimum use. He never misses an opportunity to make art “work”. (Bad pun intended:)

Let’s take a closer look at some examples:

tour home kitchen island detailIn this kitchen, the end of the island counter didn’t just look cool. It also made a nice shelf for cookbooks, mail…anything. This is also one of the major benefits to custom cabinetry. Design and order exactly what you want. And if you don’t know what you want? Ask Jess Alway. He will tell you four different ways to make every space count.

tour house hoodNotice the inside panels of this custom-made updraft hood: built in spice racks! This is the perfect place for your cooking spices, handy right where you are going to use them. And, instead of laying them down in a drawer, you have them stored as they were meant to be stored: upright.

sliding doorSome larger homes have electrical rooms where panels, electronics, AV equipment, etc. etc are located. In smaller homes, an entire separate room takes too much space. But you can do the same thing with an interior closet in a hallway with a sliding door. The above sliding barn door system received endless compliments during open houses—and yet, not one person asked what was behind the door. Goes to show that if you can’t hide something, showcase it.

Sliding Shower Door
Sliding Shower Door

We used the same space saving sliding door technique in a walk-through bathroom recently. It saved so much space—no awkward swinging door, no rattling metal framed glass door—just a simple, well-designed COOL looking glass slider. This is a perfect example of form meeting function and a lesson in how to make every space count.