Why Bend?

For those of us living here, the merits are obvious. Why Bend? Is that even a question? But, let’s say you’ve never been here and you don’t know what you’d have in common with a little mill town in the middle of Oregon. Maybe you’d like to know why we like Bend and have chosen to make it our home and place of business.

1. Sunshine. Clear blue skies and the need for sunglasses 12 months out of the year is very, very attractive. It’s hard not to get excited about the day when it’s bluebird every-day.

2. Small town/Big events. Nobody wastes the weekend in Bend. Between festivals and concerts and taking the dog for a walk (Have you met Bon Jovi, master of the office?) around the river trail, every day has something to look forward to outside of ‘work’.

Here’s a list of the things we don’t ever miss out on:

May: Pole Pedal Paddle — we haven’t competed (yet), but we do a lot of watching. And cheering. And high-fiving.

July: Cascade Cycling Classic — serious cycling downtown. Watch your toes.

July 4th: Bon Jovi (the office dog) leads the pack in the pet parade.

August: Bend Brewfest and the Flashback Cruise and Classic Car Show

3. Sports. Maybe we don’t have NBA games, or the NFL, or even a college stadium. But we do have big downhill. Call Aaron up for a day of downhill skiing at Bachelor. We can call it a work meeting. Maybe you like golf better? Jess takes all these conferences.

4. Beer. It almost feels wrong to admit that Jess likes (prefers?) Coors Light–but then you have to understand he was born and raised in Loveland, Colorado, smack dab in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Aaron, however, is more than happy to introduce an out of towner to the intricacies of the Oregon microbrew. And for real fun, get on the Cycle Pub of Bend with friends. Only you have to invite us, too.

Bend is a truly special place. And if you think it’s half as awesome as we do, and want to live here too, then we’d love to talk to you about building your house.

Call Jess or Aaron anytime.