The Backsplash.

One of those important (and vital) areas of home design—can sometimes fall into the last minute category. Glass? Tile? Stone? If you aren’t working with a professional designer or builder, you might find yourself crazed by the vast array of choices available today.

Alway Homes is always pushing the envelope. We love to try new things and find fresh, exciting new materials. How about Metal?Tire Tread BacksplashThe current trend is subway tile. It’s everywhere. Counter to ceiling, white subway tile has hit the mainstream! What do you think? Or are you a more, match-matchy kind of person? Real stone is always a favorite. Match what is on the counter and you can’t go wrong.



rustic powder bath with stone backsplash
rustic powder bath with stone backsplash


Sometimes a simple tile pattern is the best way to go, like in the above French Manor.


Tile is a great way to get a fun burst of color in the kitchen or bath.

There are so many different sources these days, you can find fanciful tile even on a budget.


We’ve also used barn wood in a variety of ways.

In short, backsplashes are a great place to get creative.

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