Good September morning to you. It’s hard to believe the summer is officially behind us. Thank goodness we have a little more sunshiny weather to look forward to here in the High Desert. Isn’t Bend the best place to live?

Today we are starting to frame our next Pre-Sold in Awbrey Park, and just weeks away from another start in North Rim. Feels good to get those projects under way.

I haven’t talked about Stucco in some time, and I thought maybe I’d bring it up again. Stucco is, after all, the best siding material for the High Desert (in my opinion).

back patio

Stucco got an unfortunate bad rap due to bad product back in the 90’s, but true hand-applied STUCCO lasts a lifetime.

Not only does it hold up to the elements—in Central Oregon I am referring to the big temperature swings between summer and winter—but it is color-through. NO REPAINTING NECESSARY! Did you get that? Maintenance free. Keep your stucco clean and it will last a lifetime.

Stucco is also durable, has insulating properties (That’s a big plus), and will never warp or leave unfortunate nail-pops.

Now, the one “negative” if you want to call it that: Price.

Initially, Stucco is more expensive. But I believe it is a price worth paying in the long-run. Many home owners don’t realize how much money they will be spending every 3-5 years repainting their lap siding in Central Oregon. Spend a little more money upfront if you plan on living in your home for more than five years.

If you are in the market for a new home in Central Oregon, please give Aaron or myself a call. We’d love to walk a lot with you, tell you a little more about ourselves and take a look at your plans. If you don’t already have a plan, we can suggest some local architects.

Enjoy the sun,

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