Ceiling Details Building a house is, for me, like creating artwork. There are so many opportunities in a home to add artistic details in otherwise purely functional areas. One of the reasons I love touring through old European villages and castles is that you get to see the high level of detail put into the small things, or often overlooked areas (ceilings, sitting rooms, chimneys, etc.). Then, I get to come home and infuse some of those artistic details into livable spaces for everyday use. The dining room ceiling is a great place to highlight something ‘different’. Sure, we could have hung the antler chandelier right out of a medallion on the ceiling…but what fun would that be? This is a perfect place for a cross-beam recessed vault. Plus, it reflects the personality of the rest of the home. Yet another little detail that ties the entire home together. gun roomHobbies are a part of life—and with custom homes, they get to be part of the house, too. I’ve worked with all kinds of people and so many different passions. This gun room is one-of-a-kind. Outside of the fact that it is designed for a particular gun collection, it was built to accommodate the kind of use the owners were interested in—a warm, rugged place to play cards, smoke a cigar, AND enjoy the collection, all in one place. I’ve also built homes around quilting—plenty of wide open walls to display handmade artwork. Other owner’s have requested large craft rooms with storage, wine cellars with tasting rooms, many secret vaults, and disappearing doors. These are fun ways to personalize a home—and really, the only way to do it is through custom building. wooden stairwayAlway Homes tend to feature a lot of barnwood. We love the way that each piece has so much personality. This stairway is a favorite of mine. Is there any other building material so warm and inviting besides wood? Timeless and good-looking, reclaimed barnwood invites you to look closer and come-on in. Stairways don’t have to be bland. They can set the tone for what you are going to find when you arrive at the top. Going up? Artistic details can be everywhere. Don’t stop with the pictures on the wall. Let your home be a creative representation of you. If you are building or looking to create a one-of-a-kind plan, give us a call. Aaron or myself would be more than happy to meet with you and or take a tour around Bend. Best, Jess Alway