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Outdoor Living. Gotta love it, right? Especially in Bend, Oregon.

There is nothing better than kicking back in the heart of microbrew country and watching the sun set over the MOUNTAINS! Is Bend amazing or what?

Of course it is. There really isn’t a better place to live in the entire world. Not that we have strong opinions about that at all…

Outdoor Living. Mandatory in a 360+ sunshine-days-a-year city.

How do you create a the kind of backyard that you want to come home to in the evenings?

1. Start with location. You have to have an access from the house–no one likes to tromp around the entire property just to prop their feet up. Look for shade, and find an outdoor outlet—or, have one installed. That goes for a water spigot, too.


2. Concrete.  It’s about easy clean-up. Hose that patio down. Wooden decks are okay—but they take a whole heck of a lot more maintenance.


3. Find some shade.  Is there a patio overhang? That’s a great place to put the BBQ. If not, can you build some shade onto your patio? A pergola?


4. Make it aesthetically pleasing. Plant flowers, use color.

5. Add a statement piece. How about a BBQ or Fire Pit? A water feature? One of the most talked about outdoor living features we’ve ever installed was a small “stream” running from one water feature, across a driveway, into another water feature. That was years ago and people still want to talk about it.


Living in Bend is a dream-come-true for many residents—and a wish of so many more visitors! If you are one of the lucky ones, take advantage of the great weather, the outstanding views, and the good beer. Make a worthwhile outdoor living area of your very own.

If you are looking to build in Bend, or know of someone who is—we’d love to talk! Give Aaron or myself a call and set up a meeting.

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