front door detailWe get asked a lot about our doors—interior and exterior—and we need to give a good shout-out to our friend Rob over at Old Creek. Jess and Rob worked together to create this work of art, and the collaboration made magic!

Tour front doorThe folks who live in this home love to fish—could you guess?

The magic of wood means you can embellish it with any beautiful imagery. In the past we’ve done everything from nature scenes to more abstract artwork.

5D3_9496_497_498_499_500-3Alway Homes is unique in our exterior home presentation. No house is the same! All feature real stonework, brick, and custom made front doors. Just because you live indoors, doesn’t mean the outside has to be plain Jane!

hand-painted garage doorsThe 2014 Tour Home also featured hand-painted (antiqued) garage doors, because the garage isn’t a throw-away space! It holds some dear treasures, too.

window detailAlway Homes are brimming with artwork. Take the piece above the patio door… Hand-carved and painted by Jess Alway, the piece is unique to the home and adds a special flair in a typically forgotten space.

artpiece in detailWindow areas are a great place to add a little pizzaz! Whether with a crown of artwork, or a thick handmade sill, a window is an eye to the outdoors and its placement should be carefully considered.

Are you building in Bend, Oregon? Looking for a home here? We’d love to be a part of the adventure. Call Jess or Aaron to talk about our properties currently under construction in Central Oregon, or to schedule a plan consult. Jess and Aaron are happy to walk lots with prospective clients and talk about how Alway Homes can help put your dream home together.