Tire Tread BacksplashMiss the Tour of Homes? How about another look at some Tour Home Touches before we move on?

This tire tread backsplash was a big hit. It added just the right amour of masculine to the kitchen—beefed it up a bit—and what doesn’t go with tire tread? Honestly. Nothing.

Dining RoomThe Dining Area off the kitchen also received plenty of notice. We weren’t particularly surprised. 🙂 It did, after all, have some fun details that couldn’t be missed. The center of the room featured a hand-cut basket weave design in the wood floor. Alway Homes is known for creative floors and this was no exception. In fact, if you looked around the house you might have noticed the basket weave design over and over again—a motif replicated with tile and stone, too.

basket weave wood floor
basket weave wood floor

Here’s a close-up of the basket weave wood floor.

All boards were hand-scraped, laid by hand, and then finished in a four-layer process that only Jess and the flooring contractor can explain :).  At each step along the way the floor LOOKED done…Wasn’t it? It looked amazing. Glossy! And that shine! Then, the wood floor would be buffed out again and a new golden tone would appear. And it’s still not done? The process was a masterclass in depth. The floor is, all at once, both glossy AND deep—something that time and expertise can only achieve.

Tile Basket Weave Backsplash
Tile Basket Weave Backsplash

Above, is a great picture of the custom stove hood AND the basket weave backsplash referenced earlier.

Entryway Basket Weave

Yet again, we see the basket weave motif reflected in the entryway tile artwork on the wall.

The house has a fun ebb and flow. Around each corner is a new surprise, and yet, if you look closely—all the surprises are linked together seamlessly.

We’ll be back again later this week with an additional post on this Tour Home and some more fun pictures of all the favorite bits!