Many thanks to everyone who came out and toured through our 2014 Bend Tour of Homes entry! We will be open again this coming weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday—so, if you didn’t already have the chance to visit, OR, you want to bring friends over to see the best house (our humble opinion only:)—take this opportunity. The home is a pre-sale so it will not be open to the public again!



We also wanted to stress that EVERYONE should “LIKE” Alway Homes on Facebook! Please! If we can reach 200 likes by the end of Tour we will be giving away a beautiful hand-made set of Blacksmith forged BBQ Skewers. Of course these are not normal run of the mill skewers; could you even imagine? They might be too pretty to use. But don’t fear: they are most certainly BBQ and fire pit capable.

Speaking of fire pits—the Tour Home has an amazing excavated grotto of sorts with a nice fire pit right in the middle. Perfect for those brisk fall evenings when a hot marshmallow and a cold beer seem to go well together.

61268 SW Gorge View St_0088

61268 SW Gorge View St_0029

Another talked about feature of the home is the master suite bath’s curved towel bar—built right into the rounded wall of the shower. It too is a blacksmithed iron piece.

Curved elements got a lot of talk in this year’s house: archways, a full bricked barrel vault and a one-of-a-kind curved sound bar on the curved TV. We suppose it is the year of the curve.?

Last but not least, Aaron Alway and Alisha Braatz were featured by Kip Lohr on his weekly radio broadcast during the Saturday Tour. If you haven’t already met Aaron (Jess Alway’s son and business partner), Tour of Homes is a great opportunity to stop by and shake his hand. He’s got plenty of hilarious stories to tell on Jess. Just ask him.

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