Bathroom FloorCreative Flooring. There’s really no need to go boring basic in any home. This past week I was talking with some folks in the middle of a remodel. They had just recently purchased their first home (CONGRATULATIONS HOME OWNERS!) but were in the process of some badly needed renovations. The house had been a foreclosure purchase—which meant they bought it as a screaming deal—no harm there! But, as with many foreclosures, the house was treated with some major disrespect before the original owners left. Problem number one? The carpet. It seemed that there was nothing NOT done on these carpets. Pets were allowed to ‘let it go’ anywhere. Dirt, mud, and oil were stains found throughout the home. The carpet was matted and filthy to say the least. So, it all had to go. Now, I get to my point. When discussing what to do with the floors, the couple’s first words were, “Well, we’ll just go with carpet. It’s the cheapest.” What color? “Beige. It goes with everything.” Oh. My. Heart. Creative FlooringThese are old myths. Much like the “price per square foot” mathematics, the idea that carpet is cheap and must be beige is as incorrect as it gets. Carpet can indeed be cheap. But it’s not always cheap. And the cheap option? Not something you want in your home anyway. But I’ll skip the discussion of whether Carpet should go in a home and focus mainly on the myth that it is the “Cheapest” option and therefore the best. I don’t think it’s hard to argue that your floors get the most wear and tear out of anything in your home. Unless you’ve mastered the art of anti-gravity, you and your family will always be somewhere on the floor. What a home really needs is a durable, beautiful, and easy to clean flooring solution. Sometimes carpet is the right answer. But have you considered the amazing ceramic tile options out there? The new generation of laminates? Concrete? Stone? And of course, wooden floors. stone floorMany times you can find flooring solutions — creative flooring solutions — at amazing prices with discounted runs. Take a look at your local Home Depot and Lowes for starters. They always have a ‘last of’ sale that can beat anything. Your local flooring stores can also be a great place to look for good deals. And your contractor can be a source, too. Don’t forget. They’ve got connections. Wood flooring and stovetop There are also plenty of ways you can save by doing it yourself. Don’t get lost in the idea that carpet is cheap and beige is beautiful. Creative flooring is a possibility for any budget. Jess Alway