French Provincial ManorThis custom French home was recently completed near Salem, Oregon.

I’ve built a lot of homes over the years. It would take me quite a while to count them all. 🙂 And in my thirty plus years of building I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with a number of styles, so to speak. From modern bauhaus to this custom French provincial, it’s nice to try on new attitudes and expressions with every project.

Many people are builders. But not many builders are artists. I guess I’ve finally grown into that distinction: the builder-artist. I find homebuilding to be one of the greatest expressions of beauty—there are so many parts working together to find harmony: the architecture, the colors, the styling, the custom touches, and maybe most importantly, how the home can be lived in.

Custom French dinette

This latest custom home gave me quite a workout. Classic French architecture is exacting. It is often copied but rarely successful. But when you are working with the very best materials with a view to die for, you make sure every corner is perfect.

This dinette has views of the lush Willamette Valley vineyards. Absolutely amazing.

Custom French eating areaI’ve put in here pictures of the three eating areas in the custom French home.

They each work together and apart. That’s harmony.

The blue-slate dining room is breezy and casually formal. That’s a tough combination to achieve. The second photo shows our dinette: truly the most casual area of dining just off the kitchen. And thirdly, we have the kitchen dining area, a formal everyday area which will no doubt receive the most amount of use.

Putting together custom homes is an exercise in cooperation and restraint. As a client you really have to trust your builder—they aren’t simpletons putting puzzle pieces together—but rather, trained professionals that understand how homes function. And as a builder, one must understand that the client has a vision often hard to describe in words. Sometimes homes are much more about feelings than angles and woodgrains.

Thanks for stopping by — be sure to catch us at the Bend Tour of Homes this July in Mountain River Estates.

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