This week we are revisiting Villa Tranquille for a look back at the Great Room.

Villa Tranquille Great Room

While there were blueprint similarities within the Mountain River Estates homes, each property was highly differentiated. Villa Tranquille’s floors are art pieces: circle-sawn and hand-distressed Alder, plugged with white pine at the ends. Timeless, classic, and worth a comment EVERY time. There simply is no way to create a floor like this OTHER than to do it by hand. Piece-by-piece. Plug-by-plug. The man hours in this floor alone is astounding—and yet another example of small spaces showcasing million-dollar details.

Speaking of hand-built— Villa Tranquille’s masonry built stone fireplace is not an insert. No-no. That’s a wood-burning fireplace featuring a blacksmith-forged iron door set. Applauds to Kelly Ceniga’s crew on the fireplace and exterior stonework. Amazing job.

Villa Tranquille Great Room 2

Mountain River Estates homes will always be special to me. Part of the charm and appeal, I believe, is in the hybrid timber framed beams. We didn’t just nail some boards up there and call it ‘french provincial’. These beams were milled in Idaho, fit together by hand (again, a reoccurring theme in an Alway Home), and became part of the framing of the home, not merely a decoration. There’s something really cool about REAL, isn’t there?

Hand-textured walls and ceiling. Devine Color Palatte.

Villa Tranquille Great Room 3

An exit off the end of the Great Room sent you onto the back patio/open kitchen, where the sounds of the Deschutes River and the views of Mountains could not be more exalted.

This year (2014) Alway Homes has another house in the Tour and we hope that you can come by and take a look. It is on lot 19 of Mountain River Estates, on Gorge View St. Our strongheld belief in authentic material use, artistic touches and unsurpassed quality in livable spaces will again be on display—this time in a house that lends itself more towards the Montana mountains than the fields of France. Hope you can stop by.

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