Hardwood FloorsThere simply is no better floor than a hardwood floor (in my humble opinion). Yes, travertine has its place — in fact, I’ve lived in a home with 100% travertine floors and from a scratch perspective it was perfect! But, nothing beats a good hand-crafted hardwood floor for warmth and versatility in design. Hardwood floors can span the gamut from a rough barn wood cowboy ranch house to a highly polished French Chateau. Just for fun, my daughter and I once fixed an ancient parquet floor in an 18th Century Manor home near Orleans, France. She thought we were going site-seeing, but I had other plans.

This particular home pictured above features a hand-scraped alder floor (circle sawn) with white pine plugs. I like giving a floor a little attitude — and the discrepancy in color adds a ton of flavor.

Notice it can be fun and exquisite at the same time. Luxury finishes do not have to be boring.

wood floor, white pine plugsMight you be looking for a builder in Central Oregon? Contact us at Jess@JessAlway.com. We’d be happy to talk to you about your project.