Rustic Elegance
Rustic Elegance

“Rustic Elegance” has been a design buzzword / phrase for the past few years. Used to describe pastoral French design as well as urban-restoration and Tuscan projects, the phrase really means that you are bringing some form of ‘re-use/recycle’ to the mix. In other words, keeping the old while adding new.

Another way to bring Rustic Elegance to a home is by brining the outside, inside.

You can see that in the above Tuscan revival (Pronghorn Resort). The wrapping circular stone wall comes from the outside, right around the dining room area/cupola. The wall was treated as if it had been a long-standing part of the home. In fact, above the wall you can see the scaled mill-wheels built to spec.

Hidden TV Rail System

Another way to add a little Rustic Elegance is through your hardware. Ironwork and steel are must-add’s. We added this barn door slider as hardware to move a TV cabinet door open and shut.

free standing tub

In the bathroom, take a close look at your plumbing fixtures and appliances. A free-standing tub can scream ‘a modern home on the range’ which can be exactly what you are looking for! Take care to pick out fixtures that compliment the overall vision and are not simply the most affordable 🙂 It makes a big difference.

Brick Backsplash
Brick Backsplash

Lastly, bring outdoor materials inside.

This brick backsplash for a kitchen stove is one of my all-time favorites — no fancy tiles out of a magazine — just pure material and creativity. I think that is the key to ‘Rustic Elegance’ — taking the natural materials you have on hand and bending them into an elegant display.

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