Great Room Beams and Lighting

We design a lot of wood beams here at Alway Homes! Beams and lighting!

Wood beams add a special something to any living room or great room — any style of home, actually. They can dress up a French Provincial Manor, or relax a Modern home. Wood beams can also feel right at home with no additional styling in a Country House.

It comes as no surprise to those who know me—but for every body who doesn’t—I’m a hands-on kind of builder. I don’t just drive by and check on job sites. I like to WORK on each home. And I do. So…when the plans call for beamwork, you can bet each piece of lumber spends a little time in my workshop.

Great Room Lighting

If your new home gets dolled up with good beams, you must start thinking about the lighting.

Can lighting isn’t going to cut it. With raised/peaked ceilings, can lights don’t spread the light around enough. Your room will appear dim and dreary. Beams and Lighting go hand-in-hand. You’ll want to pick out medium (usually) sized chandeliers that will drop 8-10 inches below the bottom beam. Height is of course, personal preference, but for most conventional (mid-range) homes this ‘rule’ works well.


If the ceilings are particularly high, the decorative lighting can be dropped a bit further. I think these chandeliers could have come down a notch or two.



I think the point is that no matter the price range, wood beams and lighting can be a high point for any and every home. The first home pictured in this article priced out in the mid-300’s. The second home, 1.75M.

Let’s take a look at one more example:

Mountain River Estates 094This home would be right in the middle — $850,000.

The ceilings have reclaimed tongue and groove barn wood and the beams are kiln dried timbers fit together with pine plugs. You can see how in each of these homes, regardless of price, the beams and lighting took center stage and made the room.

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