Master Bath 2


When clients come to Alway Homes for a custom build, we work hard to understand their design vision and partner with them from the very beginning stages. Words and colors can be deceptive! Pictures are much more helpful — which means we love Pinterest!

“Country” can mean many different things — from Prairie to Arts and Crafts, Log to Timber. The variations are endless. So, when we sat down with the clients for the above home, we worked hard to clarify what kind of “country” feel they were going for.

Master Bath Tub 3

Beyond ‘vision’ there are always budgets to contend with. Knowing the desired end result can help us find solutions to expensive materials.

Master Bath Tub 2

In this case we were focused on a stylized approach to Country Flair. The wainscoting, faux travertine floors and free standing tub matched well with our client’s antique furniture and vast array of exquisite quilts.

We here at Alway Homes love would love to partner with you. Looking to build in Central Oregon? Give us a call or email. Aaron will set up a time to meet and talk over your dream home.