Intricate hand wrought iron railing
Intricate hand wrought iron railing

The beauty of iron railings is simple: you can make them as ornate and fanciful — or as masculine and heavy as you like.

There is a perfect balance available for every home and every style, whether you are going full-on baroque, western, or ultra modern.

Railing Detail

It’s my extreme pleasure to work with clients who enjoy adding a bit of flair to their custom homes — it’s fun, challenging, and gives a big reward at the end.

And, did I mention, they last forever? Unlike wooden banisters and railings, ironwork does not chip, is easy to clean, always looks new and is nearly impossible for a three-year old to color. (Unless that three-year old is using metallic permanent marker.)

Post & Railing 2

Because iron railings can represent (quite literally) anything — the design process is really fun. While natural representations (leaves, flowers, trees) are the most popular, I’ve also done quite a few hearts and modern lines (bauhaus to contemporary). Grab a design magazine at the grocery store and take a look at what is popular these days. Okay, I’ll tell you: Everything. What’s popular is building to your own likes. Clients take inspiration from many different sources: collections, hobbies, favorite pastimes or vacation travel, or particular motifs that they already have in their current furniture or crockery. Some have used religious iconography in subtle ways to reinforce their beliefs and share them with guests. However you design it, custom iron work speaks volumes and looks terrific.

Jess Alway