stairwayThere is something fun and desirable about combing in the old and new.

You see it in design magazines all the time ¬†(two of my favorite are Veranda and Architectural Digest) — high level interior designers and decorators combining new and old materials to create a sizzling new look.

Sometimes I really love what they do, and other times, I could do without. But that’s the nature of personal taste. The nugget is finding the right balance that speaks to you.

In the photo above I’ve done a rather formal approach to a wooden staircase, using an oriental carpet runner down the stairs. ¬†However, the knuel post is reclaimed barn wood. And the iron work–though custom made and brand new–lends itself to an ‘older’ look.

Put together, it is an arresting combination. You don’t catch WHY right away, only that something about it is different and exciting.

179 Muirfield ironworkThe circle sawn wood floor and square walnut plugs add to the combination of sizzle features.

The two elements that create great symbiosis for YOUR home can be completely different than the example I’ve put forth. But the truth in design remains constant: the marriage between old and new can create a fantastic interest level inside your home. Flip through a few magazines and see if you can spot the dissimilar.