<span>March 2014</span>

The Beauty of Iron Railings

The beauty of iron railings is simple: you can make them as ornate and fanciful — or as masculine and heavy as you like. There is a perfect balance available..

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Great Rom Details

The Great Room details can make the whole room come together. That’s the case with this Great Room, recently moved into by a couple who each have their passion: Quilting..

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Combining the Old and New

There is something fun and desirable about combing in the old and new. You see it in design magazines all the time  (two of my favorite are Veranda and Architectural..

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Art As Part of the Home

Have you ever considered art as part of the home? Not just something you hang on the wall, but something you build into the house? A house does not need..

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Your House Address

The House Address. You could simply go buy the stick-on / screw-on numbers from home depot — or you could get creative. I think you know where I stand on..

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Custom Cabinets

By designing custom cabinets in each one of my homes, I can add a certain character and flair that cannot be found in off-the-shelf cabinetry. I am impressed with the..

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