Front door detail, custom carving
Front door detail, custom carving

Customizing a home with wood carving is one of my favorite artistic touches. Wood is just one of the best materials to work with, period. It is warm, soft to the touch, and melds itself to any kind of architectural style you are aiming for — be it modern or Old World.

There are many different types of wood carving. Pictured above is a custom ordered front door with a C&C carved design of grape leaves and wheat. This design was not accomplished by hand with hand tools — but rather on a large machine, cut out with precision, one layer at a time. For detailed designs this can be a time and cost savings. Sure, it is more expensive than a plain door — but it is much more affordable than hiring an artist to painstakingly work the wood. And the possibilities are truly endless. You can give the C&C company a picture of your children, a favored boat or mountain scene, a fish — you name it — it can be carved into any wood item: door, moldings, floor piece…

Then there are wood carvings that are done by hand. Many times my homes are mixture of the machine and hand types.

I prefer to do all the hand carving myself.

179 Muirfield cabinet detail, grapes

Here is a photo of some of my hand carving on a kitchen island. I carve the pieces before sending them to the cabinet shop to be assembled with the rest of the custom layout and painted.



Another way to have some refined wood carving in your home is through scrollwork  and moldings. These decorative wood pieces can be used to edge ceilings, trim out windows, cap cabinetsРyou name it.

I’ll have some additional posts on Wood Carving in the future, so check back to the blog every now and then and see what else is going on! Our website is always growing and changing.

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