Built-in Closet for smaller bedrooms
Built-in Closet for smaller bedrooms

One of the echoing themes of this blog is How to Create More Usable Space — and building closets for small spaces is a perfect example of making more usable space in any bedroom, craft room or guest room.

Part of the reason I love building homes from the ground up is the freedom you can find outside of the blueprints.

Let me explain myself.

Speaking in generalities only — a blueprint gives a plan to accomplish rooms and uses. A bathroom here, a laundry room here, and some storage in the back of the garage…

As a Builder with over thirty-years experience, I can tell you that there is more room in your home than you realize.

Pictured above is a closet in an upstairs room. To give maximum living space in the room, we pushed the room out under the eaves by two feet– and did the same with the closet. This would otherwise be voided space.

built-in closet

We finished the inside of this closet for small spaces with shelves and hanging bars — and a shoe cubby — which gets rave reviews from the women. A more elaborate finish can be easily inserted…and just for a second here, can you also imagine the fun colors that could be used? I leave you to Pinterest for finishing touches.

For smallish second bedrooms and guest rooms, these built-in closets can enhance a room’s use ten thousand-fold! I happen to think that these built-in closets look expensive and sharp — unlike many bi-fold or slide-by door solutions.

Let me know if you are thinking about building in Bend or Salem, Oregon. We have a number of lots (including North Rim in Bend) and would be happy to walk you through our building process.

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