A laundry sink.
A laundry sink.

I’m not sure people think laundry rooms are particularly vital until they live in the house. Then all of a sudden, creating space in the laundry room is of utmost importance!

What if you designed more space in your laundry room from the beginning?

Sure, in many large 7,000 square foot custom homes, I build laundry rooms that could easily serve the needs of a small hotel. But in smaller 2,000 square foot homes laundry rooms are often forgotten in lieu of the master bedroom, master bathroom and kitchen. Oh, and great room. And the den. Powder room! Garage! Oh, wait…laundry rooms.

Why do we overlook it? I think it’s because nobody likes to do laundry. It’s the grown-up never-ending story. (I read that somewhere). But seriously!

I am asked to build stock plans from time to time. That’s fine — but I guarantee the laundry room is lacking important space. Even some custom plans languor because of lot lines and set-backs. I’d be hard pressed to even talk myself into building a bigger laundry room if it meant taking space from my great room.

Okay, so how do we find more room? Or, maybe the better question is, what do we really need in a laundry room?

The washer. The dryer. A place to put the soap. And a sink. Right? We have to have a sink. Above, is a great shot of a very small laundry room where we managed to find room for the sink without taking more floor space away.

Here’s the other side of the room:

Murfield laundry

See, we didn’t have a lot of room to work with –but — we do what needs to be done. We figure it out.

A laundry in Holiday Ranch subdivision
A laundry in Holiday Ranch subdivision

This next shot is from a laundry room in a recently completed home from Holiday Ranch subdivision in Salem Oregon. We had a little more room to work with — yea for floor space! And added the all-important drying bar above the sink.

Here’s to creating more space in your home!

Jess Alway