179 Muirfield EntryCurb Appeal is all about making your house stand out from the crowd. Curb Appeal can also drastically improve your home’s resale value. But how do you do it?

I’ve long been a strong proponent of making a statement at the front door. Nowadays they call that Curb Appeal. I call it — finishing the home. Without a thoughtful exterior, what do you expect to find inside? Mash potatoes? Often, that is the case.

Not in an Alway Home. Nope. I guess I’ve created a bit of a reputation with my take on Curb Appeal!

My approach is unique. I like texture and color. I love a mix of materials — both expected and unexpected.

The home above sold NEW in the mid-$300’s which in the Salem, Oregon housing economy is mid-range — but on the low-end for a custom build. I let you know that to put it in context. This house is not one of the 7,000 soft custom’s I am currently working on.

For starters, a one-off front door is essential. As I’ve said many times before in this blog, the front door is the hand-shake, the meet & greet, the WELCOME to your home. It should say something gracious and happy! Not something manufactured and vinyl.

Second, I am a big believer in REAL materials. Real stone. So you can’t afford to do the entire home in stone? That doesn’t mean you can’t use a bit of it where it counts. Brick and stone go together like — I don’t know — pizza and Coke? They are best friends. So don’t be afraid to use BOTH.

I’m also not afraid of color. No, I don’t think painting a house pink is a good idea – or purple – or turquoise – or neon green. But I DO think nature is absolutely FULL of fabulous colors and the range is outstanding. If you want a great color palate, I like DEVINE colors. Go to your local paint shop and ask for a palate board. You will not be disappointed. You can always have a strong exterior paint color matched to one of their samples.

I leave you with another shot of an affordable new home with outstanding curb appeal.

New home by Jess Alway showcases true passion for building.
New home by Jess Alway showcases true passion for building.