179 Muirfield kitchen 1Who needs to create more space in their kitchen? Outside of the bedroom sleeping hours, it is by far the most used room in the house. Everyone wants a piece of the kitchen! The cook has obvious claim…but so do those who eat there…and do their homework at the kitchen table…and crosswords on the countertop…and eat out of bowls on the floor (that’s the dog, not the kids, okay?).

In essence, EVERYONE who lives in said home claims some space in the kitchen. Given that fact, it’s my job to help you find more useable square footage in your kitchen. And YES it can be done.

The hidden pantry
The hidden pantry

In a custom home, there are plenty of voids that can be filled with useful things like pull-out pantries! Hidden in plain sight until you need use of it, a pull-out pantry can be a perfect solution to tight quarters.

179 Muirfield cabinet detail, grapesI grew up in a time of waste-not-want-not, so even the smallest void makes my mind begin to turn. Spice racks? Remote bins? Charging outlets? What do people need in the kitchen that doesn’t need to be on the countertop? Salt shakers? The worst thing about a kitchen is the way it can (THE WHOLE ROOM) become a catch-all for the insides of people’s pockets. If you don’t want scissors, craft glue, fun size hershey bars and paprika on your sink’s edge, you must find a place to put them.

Made to match your home to the "T"
Made to match your home to the “T”

I’ve highlighted this little space saver before — but you can never have too much of a good thing, right? The hallway hidden pantry. This is perfect for the end of a hallway, a tucked away corner, an out of sight angle. Whichever, it is bespoke to your home. Whether you use it to store dry goods or game boards you are creating space. That’s key!

I’ll do a few more kitchen space saving techniques in future posts.

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Jess Alway