The most effective use of space EVER.

It’s 2014 — CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?

What really gets me is that 1980 is now as far away as 2048– and who knows what’s going to be happening in 2048. We will probably all have glass eyes that can see into the future, right?

I hope not.

The best thing is to take life one day at a time! Which I hope you have been doing over the winter holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I am starting this year’s blog posts off with some ideas for a more effective use of space in your home.

Number one on the list is the hallway pantry. Not every kitchen has room for a walk-in pantry — especially if you are remodeling. This is when you get to be extra creative. Thanks to the ingenious pull-out shelving (not pictured but can be added) and door racking system, this hallway pantry above has become so popular I’ve been requested to put it in many of my custom homes!

Made to match your home to the “T”

Not only does the hallway pantry add storage room — it is also designed and built furniture grade to correspond with the home perfectly.

It’s the best of the best.

Bespoke two-sink counter in the master bath.

My second offering for effective use of space comes in the master bath.

Many times under sink storage isn’t useful at all. Typically you have room to shove a garbage can somewhere down there and then what? You stack rolls of toilet paper around the edges and cram in a few cleaning products. But then there is a grand void of space you can’t utilize.

My solution is a modern twist on the classic bathroom counter. A “freestanding” furniture style counter and open shelving. The open shelving allows you to roll or stack your towels and washcloths in an easy-to grab place. To the left of the counter is a full floor to ceiling storage built-in for taller things like hairsprays and shampoo bottles. By switching around where you “have” to put things, we open up the possibilities and create a more effective use of space.

So there you go — two new ideas for creating a more livable home in 2014.

By the way — I have a new lot and plans in North Rim, Bend Oregon. Call me if you are interested. 541-480-5050. All homes are currently SOLD in Salem, Oregon — but be sure to call if you have a lot or are looking for one.

Otherwise, the year is off to a great start! Hope to see you around!

Jess Alway