Aaron and Jess at a family event.
Aaron and Jess at a family event.

Meet my son and business partner, Aaron Alway.

The addition of Aaron to Alway Homes has  been nothing short of amazing.

He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in construction and client relations, an MBA, fluency in Italian, a great eye for design and so much more. This guy is SO organized. I hate to admit it, but he is teaching me a lot about integrating new technology into our business. I have an iPad! I use it! That in itself is worthy of note.

Aaron is a world traveler. He has lived in South Korea and Italy for extended periods (years) of time. I have had the pleasure of traveling with him and have too many stories to recount here. Plus, I’d need permission to tell a few of them. Our two week whirlwind tour of Italy didn’t just ‘make memories’. It created legends.

It’s nice to have him back on the continent! His style certainly leans to more modern than my own — but that’s an added bonus when we are working together. He keeps things fresh.

So please, say Hello to Aaron Alway. He manages jobsites and the home office.

Jess Alway