You don't need fancy material to make stand-out design.
You don’t need fancy material to make stand-out design.

DIY? (Do it yourself?) Or hire it out?

Many times this is the question facing homeowners getting ready to do a renovation on their existing home. With a quick trip to Home Depot you can collect materials and books that teach techniques on everything from laying a hardwood floor to putting up drywall to doing your own tile work. And many of these things are worth your sweat equity to get done “in house”!

But other things are better suited for professionals.

If you are looking to do a specialized design in any of your backslashes, I highly recommend using a professional tile setter.

In this kitchen in Salem, Oregon, the backsplash was done with two different colors of bricks — an easily sourced, affordable material that is also durable and timeless.

Consider this material for your next home renovation. Because it is more affordable you can use a professional to set it — and the resulting design work can blow your socks off.

Brick backsplash
Brick backsplash

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