You can have fun and be creative with your entrance.
You can have fun and be creative with your entrance.

I wish I’d taken this photo from further back..but I was going for details again 🙂

Today I want to talk about home entryways. They are often overlooked in the home building process. Why, I don’t know. It’s the handshake of your home for goodness sake! Every entryway should say, “WELCOME!” in the tone of your home’s decor– from the outside-in.

I’m serious.

Think about a haunted house (since tomorrow is Halloween, this makes sense). A big gothic structure, usually grey or black, dark windows, a broken porch and weeds growing up all around. Now that entry way says GO AWAY — exactly what the house says on the inside too!

Now think about your own home.

Is it whimsical? Country French? Elegantly standoffish?

An entryway is much more than a potted plant and welcome rug. It’s the color of the door (think primary colors here: navy blue, crimson, black, white or a complementary wood stain). It’s your trim and the body paint. I don’t want to come to your house and see taupe on taupe. That makes me want to cry. Don’t make a big man cry. What about a porch light? How did you affix your address numbers? You can actually find some great design ideas online for dressing up your entryway.  And, by doing this, you add curb appeal — and thus — VALUE to your home.

By the way, the house numbers for this home will be attached to the horizontal wood plank — which will be stained and roughed up a bit by yours truly.

Call me for ideas. I have A MILLION. 541-480-5050

Jess Alway